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Hytta was created as
a place for dreamers

We're Adam and Dominik. Architect and product manager.

The idea for Hytta was born while we were travelling in Norway.

Some years ago, we spent a few days in a remote Norwegian cabin. This experience gave us an opportunity to start thinking a bit differently. We reflected upon our plans and dreams, and the memorable moments we’d experienced.

Norway became a place close to our hearts. Once a year, we shut ourselves up in the mountains for a few days to think and reflect, undisturbed.

We wanted a place in the Czech Republic where we could do the same. A place that would encourage concentration and high-quality rest.

And so the idea for Hytta was born.

Hytta means ‘cabin' in Norwegian. To us, it represents slowing down and taking time for ourselves.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work

We searched for a location for almost a year, and eventually found the perfect spot near the city of Zlín.

When we first walked through the woods to the site, we looked at each other and knew right away that this was exactly what we were looking for. The location met all our expectations: secluded, on the edge of a beautiful pine forest, good access to water and electricity, and only a 10-minute drive to the city.

Adam had just qualified as an architect, so he designed Hytta himself. The cabin was constructed mostly by us, with the help of friends, family and local craftsmen.

We spent more than a year building Hytta and left pieces of ourselves there. We developed an incredibly strong connection to the place, and now we’re thrilled to share it with others.

We believe that when you come to Hytta, you will appreciate the care and consideration we took with its design and construction, right down to the last nail.

For us, Hytta is a place for deep work and reflection

How you use it is up to you

Our dream is to give creative people the space to fully utilise their potential. We have many talented people around us who deserve a place where they can truly focus on the things that matter to them.


We were inspired by Bill Gates and his ‘think week’: a bi-annual retreat where he dedicates himself to deep thinking.


Hytta provides the ideal space for our guests to do the same.

Treat yourself to a few unforgettable days in a magical place
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