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A refuge in nature
for undisturbed creation

Get into the flow of a place that’s free from distraction.

Time moves differently when you can find true focus. Then extraordinary things happen.

Work in a tranquil 


The only sounds you’ll hear will be the birds and the rustling trees.

Escape the disruptions of the outside world

The fewer distractions around you, the better you can focus.

Rely on speedy 

internet from Starlink

Fast satellite internet that ensures a stable connection.

Enjoy smart home technologies  

Hytta knows how to take care of itself.

Daydream and get lost in your thoughts

For centuries, people have sought refuge in remote places to reflect upon themselves, the world and what they really want from life.

Your only neighbors will be the local wildlife

(But don't worry - your online grocery purchases can still be delivered.)

Relax with a book in the window seat

Bring that novel you've been meaning to read and let yourself be carried away by its story.

Settle into a cosy corner

We designed Hytta to include lots of nooks and seating spaces. How you use them is up to you.

Generous space for your thoughts

The loft in the interior gives enough space for reflection and creativity.

Hytta sauna_25 edit sticker res_edited.jpg

Relax in a modern wellness with a sauna

Among the trees of the pine grove, all the hustle and bustle seems a world away.

Outdoor sauna with a cooling pool and relaxation zone

Recharge your batteries in a private sauna overlooking nature. Just a few meters from Hytta.

Watch your favorite movie on the projector

Just be careful with horror movies… the forest gets a bit spooky after dark.

Fall asleep with the evening light

Hytta’s specially designed lighting is free of blue light, helping you drift off more easily.

Treat yourself to a truly restful sleep

A large, comfortable bed, complete darkness and solitude will help ensure reinvigorating, high-quality rest.

Treat yourself to a few unforgettable days in a magical place
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