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Your manual for uninterrupted stay

Hytta is a place for your undisturbed thinking, creation and dreaming.

At Hytta, we believe that when one is fully focused, time begins to flow differently. And then extraordinary things happen.

We designed the cabin to be the ideal place for deep work and reflection, allowing you to delve into the things that matter to you.

Daydream and get lost in your own thoughts.

People go to remote places to think. Above themselves, above the world, above what they really want.

It is up to you what you will dream and think about in the Hytta.

We are glad you are here. Thank you

Před příjezdem

Check-in from 15.00

If you arrive earlier, we recommend stopping in Zlín and enjoying the atmosphere of the town of Bata.

You can park for free on the property

Park the car by the black shipping container. Do not drive down to the cottage.


Public transport

You can easily get to Hytta by train. It is approximately a 20-minute walk from the Lípa nad Dřevnicí train station.

We recommend this route.


In order for the navigation to guide you correctly, we recommend entering the  this point (49.206812, 17.774903)

Keys from Hytta

You can find the key from Hytta in the security box at the entrance. We will send you the code the day before your arrival.

Arrival at Hytta

Approximately 100 meters before the destination, you will arrive at an asphalt parking lot with a view of the surroundings. From the parking lot, take the paved stone path (not asphalt) towards the forest (see photo).


Stay with pets is only possible by prior agreement, for a cleaning fee and with a refundable deposit. If you are interested, please email us in advance.

Pratické informace


Name: HYTTA.

Password: FocusTime

Drinking water

We have drinking water that we take from a well and chemically filter. The water has a slightly different taste. If you are worried that the water might not taste good to you, we recommend taking bottled water. 

Choice coffee

At Hytta we have two types of premium coffee. Prepare a mocha made from 100% Arabica or filtered coffee from natural coffee. Both types are freshly supplied to us by the local roaster Lázeňská kava. You can find coffee in a can on the kitchen counter. Instructions for the Moccamaster coffee machine can be found below.

Smart lighting

Hytta has smart lighting that you can control with switches or via a tablet. More information can be found below.


Deck chairs can be found in the wardrobe in the hall.

Windows and doors

Please close all windows and doors when leaving the Hytta. In case of rain or strong wind, both sunroofs must be closed.

We heat primarily with wood

Before your arrival, we will heat the cabin and prepare the wood for the stove. If you need help starting a fire or putting it in the stove, check out our quick guide a few pages down.

Grocery shopping

In Lípa you will find the Hruška store. If you prefer to shop in a supermarket, you can go to Lidl in Zlín (10 km) or Penny in Vizovice (8 km).

Be smart with Google home

Just say "OK, Google" and you can ask anything, play your favorite song or set a stopwatch. To connect your Spotify account, download the Google Home app, add Google Assistant and connect your Spotify account. Or ask Google Assistant and he will guide you.

Make a campfire

Roast the dumplings on the fireplace. In the meadow you will find a designated place for a campfire. You can collect wood in the surrounding forest. 

Warm water

We use a boiler with a capacity of 160 liters to heat hot water. Think about the environment and save with hot water.

We're recycling

You can find a bin for mixed waste, plastic and paper in the kitchen under the sink. Put the glass aside and we'll sort it out. If the capacity of the bins is not enough for you, you will find bins next to the container.

Online shopping

You can also conveniently shop via Rohlík. We recommend writing a note to the driver that you will go up to the parking lot to make your purchase. They have trouble getting into the forest.

JBL wireless speaker

The speaker can be connected via Bluetooth on your mobile device. The speaker is named BoomBox and you charge it with a cable that you can find on the shelf. The speaker is indoor, always leave it indoors only.

Practice sun salutations

Nothing beats a good morning stretch. You don't need to bring yoga mats, you can find them in the box under the bookcase.


Towels, hair dryer, soap and shampoo will be waiting for you in the bathroom

The cottage is non-smoking

Smoking inside and near it is prohibited.

Enjoy a barbecue on the terrace

We recommend buying charcoal and a lighter for grilling.

Show your favorite movie

Just connect the projector via an HDMI cable to your computer and you can start projecting. More information below.

Před odjezdem

Check-out until 11.00

Please strictly observe the departure time so that we have time to prepare Hytta for other guests.

Put the key back in the box

When you leave, lock the Cabin and put the key in the security box.

Don't forget to take all the food

Otherwise we would have to throw it out.

Please turn on the dishwasher

It will help us a lot if you turn on the dishwasher for a short program (1.5 hours) before leaving.

V případě potřeby

Do you need help?

Call our administrator Peter who will be happy to help you: + 420 605 725 021.

If you are not in a hurry, write to us at

First aid kit

It is located on a shelf in the library and contains basic medical equipment, such as a first aid kit.

Fire extinguisher

It is located under the stairs to the bedroom. The device is powder. In the event of a fire after removing it from the holder, it must first be unlocked by pulling out the fuse, then direct the nozzle towards the fire and press the shutter. 

Relax in the outdoor wellness area
Venkovní wellness

Recharge your batteries and relax in our outdoor wellness area. A modern Finnish sauna, a hardening tub and a relaxation zone with deckchairs and a view of nature are at your disposal. 


Use of the outdoor wellness is at your own risk and Hytta is not responsible for any accidents or injuries.

One sauna per day is included in the price of the stay. If you would like to use the sauna more often, write to us please.

Before the sauna:

  • Unlock the sauna with the same key as from Hytta

  • Sauna is designed for a maximum of 6 people

  • Before turning on the sauna, make sure that there is no one in the sauna, nothing is lying on or near the stove and that the glass door to the sauna is closed

  • Turn on the sauna on the tablet in Hytta - the sauna has a pre-set sauna cycle of 150 minutes and a temperature of 95 ℃

  • It takes approximately 30 minutes to heat up the sauna and you can monitor the current temperature on the tablet


During the sauna:

  • You can find sheets at the entrance to the sauna. Use the sheet throughout the sauna, never sit directly on the wooden benches or deckchairs

  • To moisten the air in the sauna, you can sprinkle the stones with an adequate amount of water - we recommend one to two ladles

  • The recommended time spent in the sauna is 5 - 15 minutes

  • After sauna, rinse, cool down and relax. You can use a cooling pool to cool down. Fill the pool using a faucet with a hose

  • Don't forget to drink plenty of water


After the sauna:

  • At the end of the sauna cycle, the sauna switches off automatically. If you finish earlier, turn off the sauna manually

  • After the sauna, leave the glass door to the shower open. The bathroom fan ventilates the sauna area

  • Drain the hardening vat

  • Hang the used sheets on the hangers in front of the sauna

Chytré ovětlení
Smart lighting

The cabin is equipped with smart biodynamic lights, thanks to which you can create a unique atmosphere day and night. So that you can fall asleep better at the end of the day and get a quality rest, the lights automatically adapt to the sunlight and do not contain blue radiation after dark.

How to control the lights?

  • You can control all the lights with push button switches. Press to turn the light off and on, hold to change the intensity.

  • You can also control the lights on a tablet in the library. On the desktop you will find the Hytty icon, after opening it you will get to the control panel.

  • You can select any room in the panel and then control the lights collectively or individually.

  • You can adjust the intensity and color on the color scale.

  • As the sun sets, the lights automatically begin to turn a warm yellow to orange. In the morning at sunrise, the opposite process takes place. 

  • Reading lamps and outdoor lights cannot be adjusted for intensity or color.

  • If you are leaving the Hytta, you can simply turn off all the lights by holding the right button at the entrance door for 5 seconds.

Jak správně zatopit v kamnech
How to properly heat in a stove

The cabin is heated using an Iron Dog cast iron stove. We make a fire in the stove in the so-called Scandinavian way, which consists in different layering of wood and chips. By underlaying the chips with larger logs, you will achieve an elevation of the fire closer to the chimney, thanks to which the flue will heat up earlier. This way, the chimney catches a better draft and the risk of smoke going into the cottage is reduced. For example, you can find more information in this article.

Before starting the fire, read the quick guide:

  1. To make a fire, we have prepared dry wood, chips, matches, a lighter and a special heat-resistant glove in Hytta.

  2. Make sure the hood is turned off, otherwise the smoke from the stove will go inside the cabin.

  3. First put 3-4 layers of larger dry logs in the stove.

  4. Put crumpled paper, a lighter on the logs and then stack the chips (see picture).

  5. Make sure that the flue from the stove to the chimney is open, i.e. the lever is parallel to the pipe.

  6. Light the paper, close the door and open the air supply to maximum. You can find the air supply regulation under the glass door - metal rod - pull out as much as possible. The air supply has 3 positions.

  7. Add to the stove regularly. Always insert the wood as far as possible from the glass door to prevent the glass from fogging.

  8. If you run out of pre-prepared wood, you can bring more in a basket, which you will find behind the cottage. The ax is hidden among the logs.

Your work environment
Vaše pracovní prostředí

We care that you can fully immerse yourself in the things you love in the Hytta. That is why we strive to create a quality work environment for you. 2 monitors, a wireless keyboard with mouse and a projector are waiting for you in Hytta.

Work monitors
You can find the first monitor in the cabinet next to the table on the wall mount. You connect it via an HDMI cable. If necessary, you will also find a USB-C adapter in the box.

You connect the second portable monitor to the laptop via a USB-C or HDMI cable. You can find both cables in the cabinet by the work table. To set up the portable monitor, follow these steps:

Keyboard with mouse

You can connect the keyboard and mouse via bluetooth or USB.


Turn on the projector using the white Epson remote control. In the cabinet under the monitor at the dining table, you will find an HDMI cable with which you can connect your laptop. If necessary, you will also find a USB-C adapter in the box. The projector is equipped with a speaker, so you just need to select audio transmission via HDMI in the laptop settings.


All you have to do is turn the seat and the movie night can begin.

Detailed instructions at (Epson CO-FH02)

Kitchen equipment


  • WOK pan

  • Classic pan

  • Pots of various sizes (1.3 - 3 liters)

  • Grater

  • Serving bowls 4 pcs

  • Bowls 6 pcs

  • Shallow plates 6 pcs

  • Baking trays

  • Roasting pan

  • Garlic press

  • Cake mold

  • Colander

  • Shaker

  • Wine corkscrew

  • French press

  • Moka pot

  • Coffee and tea mugs

  • Water glasses

  • Wine glasses

  • Knives

  • Cutlery

  • Digital kitchen scale


  • Oven

  • Dishwasher

  • Induction hob

  • A fridge with a freezer

  • Hood

  • Mokamaster coffee maker for filtered coffee

​To be used

  • Olive oil

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Baking paper

  • Foil

  • Tablets for dishwasher

  • Detergent

  • Coffee

  • ​Tea

Vybavení kuchyně
Preparing coffee
Příprava kávy

At Hytta, we love good coffee. Drinking coffee is a ritual for us. Coffee helps us create a pleasant atmosphere and concentrate on things that are important to us. So that you can prepare delicious coffee, we have equipped the Hytta with a quality grinder, a filter coffee machine, a moka pot and a French press. We always have two types of fresh coffee for you from the local Lázeňská coffee roaster.

How to properly grind coffee beans:

  1. Turn the grinder on and off with the rotary button on the right side.

  2. Before setting the grinding coarseness, the grinder must be completely empty or switched ON. Otherwise, there is a risk of the grain getting stuck in the grinding stones and damaging the grinder.

  3. Adjust the grinding coarseness according to the coffee preparation method. You can adjust the coarseness by turning the top container with the coffee beans.

  4. Everyone tastes coffee a little differently. If you need advice, we recommend 60 g per 1 liter of coffee or 8 g per cup. The plastic measuring cup corresponds to the volume of two cups of coffee.

Moka konvička

Grind size: 8

Filtrovaná káva

Grind size: 18

French Press

Grind size: 28

Instructions for use of the coffee machine

  1. STEP 1: Turn the coffee maker OFF ( A ). Attach the arm with nine holes ( B ). Pour in the appropriate amount of cold, fresh water and replace the lid ( C ).

  2. STEP 2: Place the gold filter in the filter basket ( D ) and pour the appropriate volume of ground coffee.

  3. STEP 3: Place the filter basket in place ( D ) and replace the lid ( E ). Place the glass kettle on the heating base ( G ).

  4. STEP 4: Choose mode ( H ) according to the amount of coffee being prepared. Turn the coffee maker ON ( A ). The hot plate under the glass kettle keeps the coffee warm for 40 minutes and then switches off. If the kettle is empty, switch off the coffee maker manually.


With the mode for smaller amounts of coffee, the water flows more slowly and the coffee is extracted longer for a more intense taste. We also recommend this mode for preparing decaffeinated coffee. Of course, you can also use this mode for larger amounts of coffee.

And where can you go in the area? 
Výlety po okolí

There are countless beautiful places for trips around Hytta. If you don't have a plan yet, take a look at the tips at website Zlínsko-Luhačovicko

Unusual map of USE-IT Zlín

If you want to get to know Zlín and its surroundings in an unconventional way, we recommend the Use-IT Zlín map. We have prepared one for you. It is a map made up of the most authoritative ones. Bars, cafes, restaurants or views that have grown to the heart of the locals and now they will serve them to you too. Tips from locals on the best places. Facebook USE-IT ZlínOnline map of Zlín with all tips.

We can also recommend the following 3 tips:

  • Lookout over Lípa. Our favorite place to walk. You can start right from the cottage, cross the stream and walk through the forest to the viewpoint. The entire circuit is about 5 km long.

  • Picnic at Komonec. You can go to Komonec hill on foot or by bike. At the end, an unusual experience awaits you in the form of a self-service picnic (link).

  • Guided walk through Zlín architecture. Get to know the exceptional buildings, the unique factory area right in the city center and the way of living in typical Baťa houses. Tours take place from May to the end of September every Wednesday from 3:30 p.m. and Saturday from 2:00 p.m. (link).

How was your stay at Hytta?

We care about your opinion and would appreciate your feedback.

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